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To preserve the waypoints, try GPX format.

Yes, once you start working with GPS tracks, you notice they are very good approximations but still approximations. Walk back and forth over the same trail and the tracks will never precisely overlay one another (using consumer grade GPS receivers).

A tip about routing:

Locus Map's default routing engine relies on an Internet connection. If you want to do offline routing, you have to install a companion app called BRouter.

That's what was used to create the example above. Locus Map will transparently use BRouter whenever it need to calculate routes (you don't normally interact directly with BRouter).

Instructions are here.

The BRouter routing engine is the same one that powers this site:

BRouter has the ability to understand "go" and "nogo" via points. For example, you want to get from point A to B following a very specific set of trails (or streets) but the router keeps picking the fastest, most direct route. You can use "go" and "nogo" points to force the router to select/avoid specific trails (or streets).
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