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I also recommend the phone in airplane mode option. Modern apps are much more capable than the handheld options from Garmin and the like. There is the Garmin Android handheld option, which will run the Android apps listed below, but it's much more expensive an option than a cheap, old phone. An external battery with USB port may also come in very handy to recharge the device at night.

Android Apps: LocusMaps, OruxMaps

Apple App: Map Plus

I use mbtiles format for everything, they are super efficient and fast.

Besides MOBAC (which is great) to create your offline mbtiles data sets, look at Maperitive too.

You can also create custom mbtiles files including multiple overlays with GlobalMapper (expensive) or QGIS (free) with a plugin.

I've attached my mapsources from MOBAC 2.0 if anyone wants to use them. Not all of them work, but there are some really good ones in there.
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