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Thanks for the list of map sources. It looks nearly identical to what I have available with the two apps I use: Locus Map and AlpineQuest.

Seeing that there's a wealth of "off the shelf" maps, what kind of custom maps do you create with MOBAC?

FWIW, the mbtile file format is MapBox's specification for a database (SQLite) storing map tiles.

That's effectively a portable "raster map". It has the advantage of fast rendering and the disadvantage of requiring greater storage space (as compared to vector maps).

For example, I downloaded a 2 by 3 mile rectangle of an online map (satellite imagery), in zoom levels 13-18, and the resulting file size is 29 Mb (and it's a SQLite file). Compare that to the entire state of New York in vector format which is only 249 Mb.

BTW, when you instruct Locus Map to download a section of an online map, for offline use, it stores the result in a SQLite file.
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