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Colden46, do you have access to BirdsEye data?

Starting a new thread on this - I was reminded of this today while bushwhacking:

I use the wonderful "Topo Map Browser" that Colden46 developed at the site, and it works well. Of course the satellite photos are mostly the Google "straight down" photos. But in some locations, when you zoom in, the view switches to the angled, rotatable "Birds Eye" view. (A good place to see this is at Hoover Dam.)

Interestingly, on Bing's own site, the Birds Eye view is NOT available at Hoover Dam. But it IS available on the "Topo Map Browser."

So Colden46, somehow your topo map software is tapping into the old "Birds Eye" data at some locations. Do you know how it's doing this? Is it possible we might be able to recover access to this data base in the Adirondacks?
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