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Thanks for the link! Cool looking maps, but I would NOT trust the contours on that page for anything navigation related. Not sure what their data source is, but looking at Stillwater Reservoir, it is completely wrong. Several other bodies of water I'm familiar with look very suspect too. Compare Stillwater to my personal project with onsite collected data using Lowrance depth finders, and contour maps created in a program called Reefmaster. My created depth map agrees very closely with satellite imagery and aerial photography.

All the data collected on Stillwater has also been uploaded to the CMAP Genesis social map page, which has many other bodies of water as well. This site contains depth maps created from users of Lowrance/Simrad GPS depth finders that upload their collected logs. They utilize slightly different algorithms from the Reefmaster software to parse the input log data and create the contours, but it aligns very closely with my map.

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