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Important Copyright Information

Had an issue come up at ADKHP, so it will apply here to. Lots of pictures on the this site. After doing some research on this, the content below will now be considered Forum Policy.

Posting/Using of Written Information:
Whenever you make a post on here, be it an extensive trip report or just a comment in a thread, it becomes the shared intellectual property of the author, and (in a sense) Akdhighpeaks Foundation Community. Because our servers are used, we can be considered the publisher of the material and have standing in a proprietary sense. Because of the way our permissions are set up, authors do have the ultimately editorial rights on the material, up to and including deletion from the servers. Which removes any proprietary rights we had. This is pretty typical

As such, there are some exclusive rights granted to the author and this site. In other words, there are some protections inferred and reproduction (of full text) from this site (to be posted elsewhere on the internet) does require that permission be sought and obtained from the author and this site. In the online world, this is true of just about any content you may come across when it comes to written material on the web. There are very common "fair use" doctrines that apply to material that do not infringe on the rights of the author or publisher.

For instance, a very common "fair use" application of online material is the 4-line rule (or 1 paragraph rule). That is where a site will publish 4-lines (or a paragraph or two) of content found elsewhere, and then supply a direct source link back to the material. So example below of a recent trip report.

Marcy, March, March 11-13

Many trip reports that involve the Adirondack High Peaks, including accounts of my own solo treks, focus on the accomplishment of achieving a summit. We can sometimes extract much more from a hike if visiting a familiar place with friends, old or new, and seeing things from a fresh perspective. This is the story of one of those trips – a story of climbing “Marcy – the Hard Way”.
This is an accepted "fair use" practice. Offer a tease, then link them directly to the source material. We would ask that become the appropriate standard here, both for posting of material to this site and using of material from this website to others. It is important to note that this goes for material or articles you want to post here as well. DO NOT POST ARTICLES IN THEIR ENTIRETY, use the 4-line format (be sure to link back to the source material) if you wish to link to an article you post as a discussion thread.

If you see content from this site posted in any other context other then the 4-line (or paragraph) format on ANY OTHER WEBSITE, please direct that to ME (via PM) or to Neil (via PM). Unless of course, it is posted by the author of the material, such as occurs when people crosspost to multiple forums.

Likewise, if you find any post on here that posts any potential copyrighted information (such as new articles, or original works) posted in ANY format other then the 4-line (paragraph) format, please alert a moderator. Posting of copyrighted material on this forum is a serious offense and loss of privileges could result with multiple infections.

Thank You.
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