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Clubs have limited options mainly because of insurance. You're either a member or your not, unless you are a guest of a member.
I'm not sure I buy that. Many of the snowmobile trails in the ADK's run through private land. What is the liability issue with that and how is it resolved?

Plus, there is always the conservation easement route, which usually absolves the landowner of any liability for hunters and hikers getting hurt.

Originally Posted by Buckladd View Post
I'm not sure the "model" is dying but many leased camps have obviously been displaced when their leases are sold to the state and this has affected their overall numbers.
That is exactly what I was getting at. The landowners are increasingly pushing their land back to state ownership for financial reasons. When that happens, camps close or move out, many roads get closed down and we have a few years of people yelling how "forever wild" won't be honored unless everything is turned into wilderness.

If those landowners, and the leaseholders, want to keep the status quo in terms of management, they'll have to find a way to invite public access (conservation easement or fee-based). Otherwise, the land will eventually get sold back to the state.

Canada and Maine seem to have a decent understanding of how to allow multiple uses of state and private logging lands. The North Maine Woods (all private land) is a particularly good example of how forestry can be compatible with multiple uses (to include hunting and camping). Whereas here in NY, it just seems that everyone wants to have their own piece of pie without sharing....that mentality won't serve them well for the longterm.
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