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Originally Posted by Zach View Post
I visited Lower Sister once, and there was a large group at the lean-to. I couldn't find a place to put up my 1 person tent anywhere along that trail near the lake area, the ground was completely covered with very small evergreens, I forget what kind, about 2" in diameter and one per square yard. Not the kind of woods you could get through easily, other than on the path. It's a nice destination, but if the lean-to is full you might have to backtrack a ways to find a spot, as I recall
Yeah, I remember noticing that the forest was absolutely dense with undergrowth. I also had the same observation: that if you trekked all the way out there only to find that the lean-to was already occupied, you'd be SOL with regards to finding your own spot. A good destination to keep some extra energy in reserve if you're planning to camp there, just in case.
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