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Originally Posted by Bounder45 View Post
I'm not sure I buy that. Many of the snowmobile trails in the ADK's run through private land. What is the liability issue with that and how is it resolved?
I'm not a snowmobiler, but I believe the clubs have their own insurance. And/or the state purchases an easement from the landowner, not the club, for snowmobiling. I also know there are some easement lands in the Adirondacks that are open for other forms of recreation, except during big game season. Each one is different.

I personally don't feel the big timber companies sell their land because they're hard up for cash. They see a business opportunity and they capitalize on it; especially if future timber production potential is not lucrative compared to the financial offer.

If you're looking for hiking opportunities on leases, I think you'd need to approach it on a large scale. Say for example, ADK gets with Lyme Timber and makes some sort of arrangement. Or, you get DEC to go to bat for you. I doubt the clubs would ever be interested in such a thing as someone would have to manage it, and they may not want the extra company during the summer months.

Anyway, if it's something you feel strongly about, then look into it.
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