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All about me, sort of...

I am a state park ranger in Minnesota, who grew up in New York, and lived outside of Ithaca until 1988. I first came to the mountains during the summer of 1964, when I went to camp near Old Forge. In 1971 I got involved in volunteer Search and Rescue, (SAR) after the search for 8-year-old Douglas Legg, at what is now known as Santanoni, near Newcomb. (He was never found.) Over the years, I was a licensed guide in the Inlet area, and we owned a cabin and about 200 acres near Moriah/North Hudson. I was good friends with the legendary interior Forest Ranger, Peter Fish from Keene, and worked many searches with my dogs in the Adirondacks. In 1988, we moved to Minnesota so my wife could go into the Lutheran Ministry, and I finally was able to attain my goal of becoming a park ranger. I was a county ranger for 10 years and now work for the state. (Pete Fish was sort of my mentor.)

I have not been back to New York since my folks moved south in 1993, nor to the Adirondacks since 1988. I really want to come back for a visit, especially after the BIKE magazine article about riding in the Inlet-Old Forge area. The trails the author described, I hiked on as a kid!

Oh yeah, I am 49, married for 26 years, 3 (adopted) adult daughters and 3 grandkids.

BTW, the picture in my avatar is now me. It was the renowned Vermont State Police SAR Team after a winter search on Mt. Mansfield. I just thought it was a really cool picture, but now there's one of me on skis in Jay Cooke State Park, south of Duluth, MN.

Stay safe,
Hans Erdman, WEMT
Sand Dunes State Forest
Zimmerman, MN

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