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It would be a "long" half day. You can put in at the Dam at High Falls off of Wilson Rd. and paddle upstream. You would probably be okay until you get to the falls where the Ore Bed Rd crosses the river in Redford. You would most likely have to portage a ways. Upstream of the falls to the branch confluence at Clayburg, the river is fast and shallow, but doable. Once you break off on the N. Branch taking you toward Riverview, the river has a mix of slow water and some drop pools. Past Riverview, the river gradually gets smaller and smaller. It has numerous boulders with ill-defined channels up toward the Goldsmith Rd. Basically, I don't know if I would want to try an upstream paddle. Its a mix of state and private ownership along the route, mostly private. I used to live in Saranac and fished that stretch of river frequently, so have a pretty good idea of the varying topography.
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