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Northcountryman--I believe they are different language families, perhaps with a common ancestor, sort of like Romance languages and Germanic languages both being descended from a common Indo-European ancestor language. Maybe you're thinking of the word "Mohawk" itself being from the Mohican (Algonquin) word for that tribe, whereas the Mohawk call themselves "KanienʼkehŠ꞉ka" (copy-pasted from Wikipedia so I don't know if that's accurate spelling or punctuation).

Woodly, you may be right that the Seneca had a larger population. Which is interesting because I believe the Mohawk had an outsized role in the five nations (I may be wrong, itís been a little while since Iíve read on the subject), with the most military muscle and the most influence on confederacy decisionmaking. Another Euro-centric analogy but it might be like the relationship of the United States to the rest of the allies in World War 2: nominally equal but practically more influential.
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