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Northcountryman--I believe they are different language families, perhaps with a common ancestor, sort of like Romance languages and Germanic languages both being descended from a common Indo-European ancestor language. Maybe you're thinking of the word "Mohawk" itself being from the Mohican (Algonquin) word for that tribe, whereas the Mohawk call themselves "KanienʼkehŠ꞉ka" (copy-pasted from Wikipedia so I don't know if that's accurate spelling or punctuation).

Woodly, you may be right that the Seneca had a larger population. Which is interesting because I believe the Mohawk had an outsized role in the five nations (I may be wrong, itís been a little while since Iíve read on the subject), with the most military muscle and the most influence on confederacy decisionmaking. Another Euro-centric analogy but it might be like the relationship of the United States to the rest of the allies in World War 2: nominally equal but practically more influential.
One thing with the Mohawk is they took the initial brunt of white men coming from the east and for many reasons suffered the worst for it.
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