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Originally Posted by stripperguy View Post

Thanks for the info.
I'd like to try for a bushwhack up Palmer Pond Hills, anyone tried it from the north side (S of Palmer Pond)?
Not sure if it might be too much adventure for MDB though.
Been in that area quite a bit. The new snowmobile bridge makes for an easy crossing of the Palmer Pond outlet. Then it's nice walking in open woods to scramble around from the north side of the hill to the south side of the hill. If you stay within about 500' of the Northway until you are on the south facing side, you will be well on state land the whole way. The south side of the hill is covered with canyons, cliffs, and all kinds of cool features. I have not been to the top of the hill, but sat pix suggest that there is a nice open view up there.

(A loop trip is possible via the Squaw Mountain walking culvert, and then returning via the new Frontiertown campground multi use trail. Think about food and beverage at the Paradox Brewery on the way back...)
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