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The most common Cascade/Porter trailhead is on Rt 73. Typically that hike is an up and back hike. There is a rather roundabout way to do Cascade/Porter and get to Avalanche Lake but I doubt that is a route you would consider. The most common start to Avalanche Lake is on the Adirondack Loj road either Meadows Rd and the Marcy Dam truck trail or the Marcy Dam trail that leaves from the Adirondack Loj parking lot. The Marcy Dam trail from the Loj parking lot involves a stream crossing that might not be practical depending on water levels. If you stop at the HPIC at the Loj they'll be able to provide current info on what trail to take. The trail in to Avalanche Lake is well marked.

Regarding camping at Avalanche Lake, there are no lean-to's or campsites on the lake. There is a lean-to about a mile before the lake, and I believe a campsite about .5 miles after the lake but those are the closest designated sites. There are also several lean-to's along the trail to Avalanche Lake at various distances from the trailhead and the lake. Mileage to Avalanche Lake depends on what trail you take(Meadows Rd/truck trail or Marcy Dam trail) but plan on about 5-6 miles one way.

Check the latest forecast before you head in towards Avalanche Lake and make sure you're prepared for varied conditions.

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