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Lightbulb Hiking 46'ers - self supported, start/finish in Lake Placid, to trailheads by bike

I'm in initial planning stages to hike all of the 46'ers this summer. The goal is to start/finish from one spot (Olympic torch in Lake Placid is my current idea) and to travel by bike from start, to appropriate trailheads and back to finish. This would be an unsupported attempt to try to complete this challenge in 14 days. For the adventure of it and I will also likely be using it as a fund raiser for the University of Vermont Cancer Center. And possibly establishing guidelines for a challenge that others would like to take on.

This is being modeled after what Justin Simoni did in Colorado last summer. When he climbed all 58 14k' peaks (starting/finishing in Golden, CO and getting around by bicycle) in something like 34 days (if I remember correctly).

Does anyone know if anything like this has been done before in the Adirondacks? I am an experienced backpacker, bikepacker, etc. and do know how difficult this will be. I've been up 33 of the 46'ers and am currently working hard to get the legs (and head) ready for this. I will be carrying a Spot device so that I can be tracked and in the hopefully unlikely event that I encounter a major problem and require assistance.

Any/all feedback is welcome! I have drawn up an initial plan that looks possible. Of course weather conditions, physical issues, etc. will likely cause any plan to be modified before too long on the trail.

Thank you...
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