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Everything is still a go... Working hard to get as strong as possible with lots of strenuous day hikes over the past couple of months (including numerous back to back days) and bike/hike days. Heading out for a tough 3 day White Mountain backpack later this week and then will likely start tapering. Planning to start on 7/21 and just need to fine tune the gear/food list and complete research on the trail-less peaks that I have no experience with (Sewards, Santanoni's, etc.).

I'm also getting the fundraising for the University of Vermont Cancer Center started today and am hoping to raise $5-10k if possible (raised $7.5k when I rode the Tour Divide in 2013). Would anyone reading this post like to make a pledge? Or share this info with others? Below is the link for Google Docs pledge sheet (just type right into the spreadsheet which is automatically saved). I'm looking for pledges on a per peak basis as I know how difficult it will be to pull this off (suggested pledge is $1 per peak). But I'll be giving it my best shot.

Actually it looks like this is not working as a link. So please e-mail me at if you'd like to make a pledge (or just respond here). Or if you would like to check in on my progress during the hiking/biking. I'll be carrying a Spot device and can send those interested the link to my Spot page which will update every 10-15 minutes or so with my current location (and past locations stay out there for 3 days I believe).

All support (pledges, moral support, additional info, etc.) is welcome. I'm looking forward to the challenge but it is a daunting one...

Thank you!

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