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I recently discovered this mystery story online and, have been reading and researching everything I can find online about it , as of late. To be honest, besides the blog, references on web mystery stories/sites and various other yutube segments, thers not much out there. There is, however, a ton of info avaialble online pertaining to MK Ultra, Project Artichoke and its predecessor, Project Bluebird. After perusing some of this info online, I concluded that , if the ILP story was genuine and was truly part of these CIA programs, then the ILP must have been one of the field operations research centers, presumably as part of Project Artichoke. According to what Ive read, Project Artichoke logistically involved the conducting of mind-control research in over 160 "centers" , of which, McGilll University in Montreal, Canada appeared to be the main center or "Headquarters". Headed by a Dr. Ewen Cameron of Albany, NY , Dr. Cameron would make the approximately 4 1/2 drive from Albany to Montreal and back on a weekly basis. Is it possible he founded another research center devoted exclusively to research on children in the mountains not far off of his weekly route between his home and his research center at McGill? I am inclined to believe this story is a hoax-albeit a well-contrived one- but, consider the location and proximity to Camerons home intriguing, to say the least. Although I was born and raised in St. Lawrence county and am very familiar with the northern Adirondacks region south of Malone, I have never been as far south as Indian Lake . Has anyone ever fished, hunted and/or hiked the
Indian Lake area that frequents this forum? It looks to me from maps of the area that the land to the west of Indian Lake Village is the largest tract unbroken or divided by roadways. Id imagine that, if there truly is remnants of an old base in the vicinity, that its likely to be somewhwere in there. Anyone ever explored that area? Thanks
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