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I have two of them, both still in good shape, but would not give up either one. Wish I had bought another while they were still available. Eric knudsen sold them in the 1980's. When carrying a tandem or long solo canoe (e.g. Rapidfire) with a balanced center thwart or yoke, I hold a line at my hip in one hand attached to bow/stern for fore/aft tip control. For my Hornbeck I mount a lightweight quick attach "center thwart" at the balance point, and connect a rigid conduit rod from the bottom of the pack to the gunwale near the stern (see in the photo). That gives me a rigid triangle allowing a completely hands free carry.

When Eric moved from New England to Hawaii, he offered to sell me the business, but I was not in any position to pick something like that up at the time. I understand that he did sell it to a Canadian, but they never followed through with continued production.

With Hornbeck heading out on a SW/NE diagonal crossing of the Adirondacks (185 total miles/including 62 miles of carries in a hot dry low water July). The Knupac made it easy:

Knupac with a 34 foot long voyageur, for Eric's promo photo only, do not try this at home:
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