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Long before Knu-Pac was in business we made similar portage frames using the old Camp Trails "Freighter" frames and PVC pipe for an outdoor program I work in. We made about 50 sets one night up at the facility on Raquette Lake. We were inside the garage, with the overhead door closed, and were a little slow on the uptake when we all became woozy from the glue. Eventually our fading brains kicked in and we opened the door for some needed ventilation. Those frames are still going strong today; at least 20 years later.

The funny thing is when Knu-Pac went into business their rep called me at my office and asked if we might be interested in their product. I explained what we were already doing and he quieted down pretty quickly. I didn't mean to burst his bubble but there was no sense spending the kind $$$ they were asking for something we knew we could do on our own.

For what it's worth, this wasn't an original idea for any of us either. The guy who promoted the project had found plans in "Wilderness Camping " magazine; a forerunner to today's "Backpacker."

That's all for now. Take care and until next well.

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