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Arrow Algonquin, Wright, Iroquois with kids Aug 2013

A few years ago, I started my quest to become a 46er with my 3 kids before they graduated H.S. We're now on 15 down but this is my first trip report. I promised myself I'd write it if the clouds would open on our trip back over Algonquin and sure enough they did- with stunning views.

The day started nicely, we were on the trail by 7:40 which is no small accomplishment with the kiddos in tow. Our first couple miles were fast and easy. Normally, we camp halfway up but since we were staying at Heart Lake Campground, the day pack I carried felt very light compared to normal. God was on our side as temps were low and overcast for most of our climbing but the clouds were gone by the time we came back over Algonquin.

We were at the junction to Wright by about 10 but pushed on up Algonquin hoping to use the motivation of the plane crash site to coax the 9 year old up one last peak on the way back. Just past the waterfall, while stopped for a break, a bee hive let loose when one of the kids stepped near edge of trail. Daughter was stung 3 times so the first aid kit I've carried for 3 years was finally used. Strangely enough, I had just added an antihistamine to it because of an unrelated sting a couple of months back her.

On Algonquin, Tim, the summit steward talked with us quite a bit and helped with directions to ensure we took the right path up to Iroquois. The views the first time on top were minimal as the cloud cover was thick. Temp according to Tim was low 40's and very windy. We descended and popped over Boundary. I like the story of the Boundary between the Iroquois and Algonquin Indians more so I told the kids that was how it got it's name. We stopped for lunch on the rock between Boundary and Iroquois. On Iroquois summit, it was just our group (Friday morning) and the view was just starting to really clear up. Temp was chilly (guessing 50) but wind was calming down as well. On our way back up Algonquin back toward Wright, I had thoughts that we may have been better off doing Wright first as I really wanted to head down into Avalanche Pass but at the summit for the 2nd time, we were rewarded with possibly the best, most clear view I've had up in the mountains. For 360 degrees, the view was clear. LP, and Vermont were clearly visible as was every mountain in the Great Range. We took some decent pictures with our cameras then Joanne Kennedy, a local pro photographer who just happened to be on the summit took notice of our kids and started snapping pics. She emailed them to me this week and I decided I'd have to get a better camera. Thanks Joanne if you read this.

Hiking down to Wright, we were not making the pace we had earlier but the promise to find the crash site pushed the younger ones on. The .4 mile trial up to Wright sure seems longer than that but again, the view was spectacular. The crash site is easily found- summit first, find sign for plaque, walk 45 seconds in the direction of the arrow. I was worried about not finding it after reading a few unsuccessful trip reports.

Our descent to Heart Lake was fine, we avoided the bee hive on way back. One piece of advice for those hiking this route with kids- remember last water is crossing the brook at about 2 miles.

Headed back up this fall for a few more. Maybe hit Panther, Couchie and Santonini (sp)...
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