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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I still seem to be having an issue trying to post a Trip Report & adding photos with my iPhone (via web browser). Every time I arrow back to my Trip Report page from my Google Photos everything that I had previously typed is deleted. That never happened before, but seems to have started around the same time we all started having these other issues. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Iíve always enjoyed sharing my adventures on this forum, as difficult as it is compared to other social media websites. Maybe try Taptalk?
I really donít use my computer anymore, havenít even turned it on in months, basically just use my phone for everything, and only have problems with this website.
I normally don't post from my phone, but I did a little testing. I tried both Safari and Chrome on my iPhone and didn't run into the issue of having entered data disappear when going to different sites in the browser and then going back. I also didn't have any issues when switching between apps.

I don't use Tapatalk much, so I don't know how good the usability is with that. Perhaps others can chime in there.
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