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With some googling, I found this recent ADE article which includes a photo of a map: https://www.adirondackdailyenterpris...g-ump-process/

The map does indeed confirm my thoughts- that both the North Notch and South Notch trails at one point did connect via a long loop to the east. Interestingly, the loop appears to have descended even further than I'd surmised- all the way down to Clifford Falls in Keene before looping back. This puts the low point of the course at the mid-point of the loop- meaning that the bigger climb was in the second half of the course.

It also appears that a short segment of the present-day Jackrabbit Trail was a part of the loop- the stretch at the very end of Alstead Hill Ln. The course followed this segment for a little bit before veering north to climb up to South Notch. It seems like access to the east end of the north portion (along Clifford Brook) would be problematic due to private property, but it would be interesting to poke around along the Jack Rabbit Trail to see if any traces of the east end of the south portion could still be located.
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