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Originally Posted by JustJake View Post
Hey all, can anyone recommend a site on a Lake George island that would be a nice spot for a family of 5 including a toddler? Also, we would be looking for a boat rental, who is reputable for a 2 or 3 day boat rental? Also, we would be camping then doing a hotel for 2 nights after the camping portion, any good hotel advice for a family?

Thanks in advance.
The link provided above ( really is the best resource out there. But if you're looking for this summer, you're not going to get any of the choice sites - most are booked the minute they become reservable 9 months in advance.

It's hard to go wrong when you're on an island in the middle of Lake George, though.

Have never rented a boat, but have good experience with the folks at both Snug Harbor and Dockside Landing. Both are probably a little too far north if you're camping in the Mother Bunch or Narrows, though.
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