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On one of the signs at one of the junctions at or near Shattuck Clearing, if you look on the back you can see "Cold River #5" written in the classic DEC yellow letters (although fading and peeling). I always assumed that it was a re-purposed sign from the old lean-to. I feel like I've seen at least one written reference to the lean-to over the years but can't remember where.

The more recent editions of the ADK guidebook make reference to a former lean-to that was actually at Latham Pond- for a while I assumed that this was the "Cold River #5" shelter. A few years ago, though, I was told (as you state) that the "Latham Pond Lean-to" was actually one of the Cold River Lean-tos and was somewhat erroneously named. I think the passage in the ADK guidebook describing a former lean-to at Latham Pond is perhaps an error. (EDIT: I just checked the newest edition and it no longer makes reference to a former lean-to directly at Latham Pond.)

It's also possible that it was a planned lean-to that was never built. The sign may have sat in the ranger station, unused for years before being repurposed.

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