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Originally Posted by DuctTape View Post
Not far past the CR#3 lean-to along the NPT is a worn path which heads North in the direction of Latham Pond. I have not followed all the way. I suspect it is a direct route to Latham from the lean-to.
So north of the lean-to? I'll have to look for that the next time I'm back in there.

I know there is a box toilet at CR #3... the DEC nailed the door of the outhouse shut when the box toilet was installed (presumably they were planning to dismantle the outhouse) but neglected to put up a sign for the box toilet. In their frustration and desperation for a place to poop (and not knowing that the box toilet was there), hikers ripped the outhouse door open again and it's been still getting use (despite being desperately close to crowning, just like every other outhouse on the Cold River stretch of the NPT). Are you sure the path you're referring to isn't the path to the box toilet?
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