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I've used the Nesco 1000 watt model for more than 20 years. I'm on my second one, as the first one died after about 12 years.

I've told this story here before, but I'll repeat it anyway. For the first ever Yukon 1000 mile canoe race in 2009, the rules required 20kg (44pounds!) of food per paddler to be carried on board from race start (not including the water weight to make dehydrated stuff edible). I was racing in a voyageur canoe with a total of 7 paddlers. I home dehydrated all of our main meals (breakfast and dinner) for the entire race for everyone in the canoe. Do the math. Thankfully that requirement was dropped in following years. It turns out the officials were looking at a possible 2 week trip for slower canoes, plus a 3rd week of emergency rations, which would have been just about right. We finished in 6 days, and I came home with 3/4 of the dehydrated food left over. No one went hungry and no one lost weight.

There are other dehydrators out there (Excalibur is highly rated also). Avoid any without a thermostatic heater and and fan as junk.

For your spaghetti, you can cook the pasta at home and add sauce before dehydrating. It makes preparation at camp much easier and it weighs about 1/4-1/3 of carrying the components uncooked.
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