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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
That's very true. There are lots of cameras, but there is LOT of area.

The couple people I know who have seen a cat have seen one prowling along the shoulder of the Northway. Speculation: When a loner cat can't get enough prey in our fairly inhospitable woods, it resorts to eating road kill...
Yes perhaps, but here's the thing which I can't come to terms with: when the Florida panther was literally on the verge of extinction in the Everglades (I think around the 1950's-1960's), people were still hitting them with their cars and finding concrete proof of their existence (photo's, kills, paw prints and scat samples). And mind you, that was over 50 years ago when people didn't have cell phones or even practical cameras to carry around.

Now we talk about the modern era in the ADK's.
I've yet to see a photo that was grainy or somehow distorted, and those i have seen were either bobcat or house cats.
I've yet to see anyone provide a good scat sample.
I've yet to see anyone document a known cougar paw print.
I've yet to see anyone document a known cougar kill.
And I've yet to hear/see anyone hit one with their car (excluding the one referred to below).

Have cougars moved through the ADK's and other parts of the northeast? Yes, and there is proof of at least one doing so.

Is that a normal occurrence? That is debatable, but the lack of evidence of their presence (and they do leave evidence) suggests that it isn't.
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