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I tried to get there from the Moose River Plains side about 10 years ago via a day hike. The map promised a maintained trail the whole way. As is typical for many "off the beaten path" hikes in the Adirondacks, the map lied. The trail was easy to follow from the end of Indian Lake Road (at the time the road was driveable all the way to Indian Lake itself, now the road is closed at Squaw Lake) through to the Indian River ford. Beyond that point, the road turned into a mess of dense spruce/fir- so thick it was easier to bushwhack alongside the old road than it was to try to hike directly on it. I only made it about maybe a mile beyond the ford before I had to turn back due to the late hour. I told myself that I'd return with overnight gear and make another attempt at getting to Horn Lake, but as of yet, I've not been back.
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