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Richie is correct about the timing thing. I happen to live fairly close to Stillwater and can easily time my arrival according to the weather of the day. I have a couple of times been windbound on the far end for an extra day long before the age of SPOT or Inreach devices. Fortunately, my wife knows that I know better than to attempt paddling out when it is dangerously windy.

Regarding Raquette.... The 90 mile race at one time traversed the length of Raquette then on to Forked Lake. Timing of the 8-9:00 morning start would put most paddlers there late morning/early/mid afternoon. I can recall on my way seeing and bypassing a number of pro C1 and C2 canoes, neither noted for being particularly stable, overturned in the waves. None were in any real danger as there are always several safety boats in the area, and they we were generally on a route close to shore anyway. That problem necessitated changing the first day's route to more safely paddle up the Marion River and finishing day-1 at Blue Mountain Lake.

When I have often paddled the Cannonball-90 (completing the entire tradiitonal route in a single day), we always start at the stroke of midnight from Old Forge, whch puts us through 1-8th lakes in the calm of the night, arriving at Raquette at ~5:00 AM when it has most always been calm all the way to Forked.
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