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Flat Top Mountain, adjacent to Sharp Top, tops out at 4,004 feet- just barely high enough to qualify as a High Peak if it were in the ADKs.

It's always interesting to be hiking at such high elevations at more southernly latitudes, while encountering ecosystems that we'd expect to see much lower in elevation in the ADKs. A number of years ago I undertook a backpacking trip to climb the tallest peak in North America east of the Mississippi: Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina, which tops out at 6,684 feet. Even that high up, the ecosystem at the summit was still only akin to what you'd expect to encounter around 3,000+ feet in the ADKs.

It's also funny seeing signs reminding hikers to stay on the trail to help protect a "rare" and "threatened" ecosystem that we have a good supply of in the ADKs. I'm sure that hikers more experienced with alpine ecosystems elsewhere feel the same when visiting the above treeline portions of the ADK High Peaks. (That's not to say at all that these efforts are without merit in any of these instances, it just feels kind of funny when you're a visitor from an area that takes that particular ecosystem somewhat for granted.)
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