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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
Of course it is possible. Do you have a Hornbeck or other pack boat? Cowhorn at one time was a cheriished destination. There are others along the way to explore off the western end of Lows as well.The once well worn trails were decimated during the 1995 derecho, but most have breen reopened and are somewhat traveled again, but expect a few difficult spots.
My buddy and I will be carrying a Kevlar Wenonah. We would like to explore most of the ponds east, on the way towards Indian Mt.

Originally Posted by chairrock View Post
Indian Mt. and Indian Mt. Pond can be most easily approached from the CL 50 trail heading west from Chairrock Creek. As you hike up the hogback, you need to continue straight along old hunters/logging trails that lead to the ponds. At one point the trail was marked with red discs.
From the west you can also bushwack from near Sliding Rock Falls , also along old hunters trails skirting some beaver flows.
The ponds are not very big, I wouldn't bother with a boat. This is Indian Mt. Pond.
Perhaps we will skip Indian Mt., and stay on the ponds between Janacks Landing and Cowhorn. We wouldnt want to leave the boat at Janacks, if we decide to camp on one of the other ponds. Besides, the canoe should help for fishing, and exploring.

That's a neat looking rock face in your Indian Mountain pond picture.
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