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Originally Posted by pondhopper View Post
Took the canoe into there for a daytrip today. (Hornbeck Blackjack)
It wasn't bad for a 12 lb. solo canoe from the boatlaunch at Big Moose Lake and carrying up to the lean-to at Upper Gull Lake. On the trip up, I should've put the canoe into Lower Gull and avoided falling up to my waist in a bog hole....I did on the way back . When I started carrying fom the east end of Upper Gull towards Andy's Creek, I was surprised to find a blazed trail leading me to Andy's Cr.. (Left side of Gull's Outlet). Little wet walking out to the stillwater on Andy's...headed upstream and found a blazed portage trail on the right side to the next stillwater. 50 yds up and had to portage over a little beaverdam and put into the long stillwater. Surprised to find a 16 foot aluminum canoe sitting there to the left near the small dam @ the head of the long stillwater. Took the left stream noted on the map and was able to go approx. 1/2 mile up it and had 4-5 logs to go over. Finally, the alders began to close in and had to carry parallel from there up to Terror Lake. Sadly, only had time to go out around the island with the canoe before heading back.

I moved fast and light: 3 hours up and 2 hours 15 minutes back (downhill).

Copied from the other thread - thanks Bob.

I didn't read this prior, but this is what I'd do. I'd probably just paddle across Upper Gull too.

Looks like you could do it as an overnight or spend a night at the Upper Gull lean-to and out and back as a day trip. I'd probably opt for the day trip and go light from the LT.
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