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St. Regis Pond is more easily accessed from Little Clear Pond to the south, with a put in at the hand launch on the south end of that body of water, just off of Fish Hatchery Road.

Little Long Pond is nice also, as I recall some of the campsites there are nice too.

If you're planning to overnight somewhere along this stretch, keep in mind that the lean-to on Bear Pond is on private property and isn't available for use by the public... it's been a while since I was on Bear Pond but in past trips through that area I've noticed that it isn't always obvious that it is private.

If you were willing to pay for a shuttle, you could do the full Seven Carries route... Little Green Pond to Paul Smith's College on Lower St. Regis. This would take you pretty much across the full breadth of this area.

Little Green is the traditional start of the Seven Carries but most folks skip it and start on Little Clear instead, since you can also drive to Little Clear.

There is public access to the hand launch at Paul Smith's College located near the student center- as I recall you can park at the student center for a few minutes to load/unload your gear but then are supposed to move your car to another lot. I can't remember which lot exactly they want you to park in but I'm sure if you stop into the campus safety office (adjacent to the post office) and ask they'll get you squared away. Alternatively, you can extend the trip a few miles down the St. Regis River and end at the St. Regis Mountain trailhead.

As a day trip the Seven Carries is readily doable by anyone in decent paddling shape with a boat that can be portaged fairly easily. If you wanted to overnight on it, there's plenty of designated tent sites on St. Regis Pond and Little Long Pond (Little Clear has no designated tent sites as it is used by the fish hatchery for rearing fish stock). There's also a number of nice lean-tos (albeit with dirt floors) on the Paul Smith's College easement on Upper St. Regis, Lower St. Regis, and along the St. Regis River between Lower St. Regis and the St. Regis Mountain trailhead. Be aware also, though, that the lean-tos in the immediate vicinity of the college on Lower St. Regis are not included in the easement and are not available for public use.
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