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I have fished the WC above hinkley for 25 years now... started when I was 5 and have caught wild and stocked brookies from day 1. Even though the water is shallow at points you still catch trout there. The biggest brookie I ever caught in the WC was in about 6 inches of water. I was just walking my fly through the ripples and he slammed right on it.

I suppose you have to have more motivation than to fish from the scenic lookout by the side of the road (although I have caught countless brookies in the flow there at nobleboro).

I am also one of the guys you will see out there in a pair of beat up hiking boots and a vest. I love to laugh at the guys in their $1000 fishing gear. Hopefully the WC will keep a few of em this year.

beaverPond... PM me sometime and I can hook you up.
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