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Hey I totally get it. It's just par for the course when you have lots of use. I'm all for it if it's a safety issue where you have a "otter slide". I've never complained about a bridge being in place or a ladder for crawling up large steps of rock.

I mentioned St. Regis because work was done there over 20 years ago. I was at PSC when it was quite new and climbed up there frequently. It looks different to me now, but I think some bits were re-routed and some stuff settled out. Also my memory is probably not even close to 100% correct.

There was another trail done sustainably quite some time ago up Jenkins which has some rather long switchbacks. It's said it's quite a nice hike through many different forest types, so that's always a plus for me. I've never had the chance to hike it but AFAIK it requires a permit.

I know bits of Ampersand have had significant rock work done to alleviate the steep fall-line bits. And yes I'd rather have the steps that a slip-and-slide.

One other thing I'll mention with regard to Watkins Glen vs someplace natural like Grimes Glen is you definitely see a big aesthetic difference with higher use in a natural area. Also there are parts of Grimes Glen that are downright dangerous. I see why the stone paths are built - but I also value a rugged wilderness "trail", so my hope is not everything is paved over, only that which is popular and cries for it.
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