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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
No problem. Eventually we may do both Xc and dh in the bc.

It’s probably a bit easier for the kids to learn dh at a ski area and kick and glide on groomed trails but eventually it would be fun to take them to I groomed trails and glades. To me, skiing is all of those things.

As far as Hoks, yeah I’ve thought of those but we’d need a good boot system. I think I’ll just let them try xc with some kids size nnn equipment and traditional skis. If they take to it then we’ll look at something more specialized for bc.

They seem excited about going to “ski school” next year (for alpine skiing)- would have done that this year if not for COVID-19.
Not sure if you're on FB or not, but there seems to be a lot of kids xc set ups on Marketplace right now.

Now if I could only find a damn pair of 3 pin boots that will fit me!
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