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I'm a pretty unlucky fisherman (I loooove fishing, but I'm there for the beer and the lack of computers as much as I am the fishing ), but... My girlfriend has been catching some smaller rainbow trout south-west of the 'dacks in Clinton, NY (on Oriskany Creek).

We did some fishing on the Middle Branch Moose river earlier this month. Caught a half-decent Brookie (10" or so), and rockbass.

I'm not a fly fisherman, so all spinner fishing 'ere. I've gotten almost all my hits with dillies (the little trout worms), and using a "Saugeen River Trout Float Rig", or as I call it "that trout rig".

I used to catch rainbow stockies in a creek in my backyard (in NH) as a kid, fishing with kernels of canned corn. For some reason, there was a rumor/rural-legend that fishing with corn was illegal, maybe cause it worked so well there. I don't know why I haven't tried it lately. Have had horrific luck trying artificials when trout fishing. I've caught crickets and crawfish and fished them... but without luck.
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