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Originally Posted by protocoldroid
sacco, thanks for the tip I just looked it up on a topo, and I can't believe how close it is. definately psyched to give it a try. looks like a decent size creek from the topo too, awesome.

when it comes to trout, i'm not all too too biased.... ok i'm biased, i like the lunker monster bigguns seriously though, i'll go for any -- rainbows, browns or brookies.

hey where do you work,, i'm at the business park in Utica and work for NetTest...

anytime you want to head up to the West Canada let me know. i usually head up there 1-2 times a week after work..

it's perfect as it's only 30min to the places that i head to..

but with this rain, it seems like i won't be out for another two weeks....a least it's keeping the waters cool!!!1
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