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I just read Rumpelstiltskin to my daughter....

King demands a maiden make gold thread from straw. At night Stiltskin shows up, asks for a gift from her and he does the job. Second night, King wants more gold, maiden has a room of straw to turn to gold thread. Stiltskin shows up and asks for another gift, maiden obliges, and he turns the straw to gold thread. Night three, King still needs more gold. Stiltskin shows up in the maidens workroom. She doesn't have anything more to give. Stiltskin says promise me your first born. Done.
King gets his gold, marries the maiden. Stiltskin shows up for the baby. "Oh no! You can't have my baby," says maiden. Stiltskin has a heart. "If you can guess my name in three days, you'll never see me again.
Queen (maiden) has ten knights go out and collect all the names in the land. 9 of ten show up with wrong names when the Queen runs them past Stiltskin. Last knight is out riding in the woods on day three. He sees Stiltskin dancing alone round a fire, running his mouth over and over. "I'm going to win, I'm going to win, my name is Rumpelstiltskin!"
Knight tells Queen. Stiltskin loses. He couldn't keep it to himself.
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