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Southern Adirondacks

I don't have any secret places to share(but I would if I had), but have you read Quiet Water Canoe Guide? Great info on most of New York state. Not everyone has the abiity or time to study topo maps, go exploring and bushwack their way to a remote location. Back in the early 80's I was a cubicle rat in NYC and wanted a cheap, yet enjoyable vacation. Looking at the guide books of the time I discovered Indian Lake campground and eventually discovered the SRCA, Lila, Lowes, Oswegatchie, etc, etc. and a few lesser traveled areas Without guide books and advise from forums like this I would never have discovered these places. Nor would I have the respect for human powered craft. I am part of the hoards that decend upon the Adirondacks in the summer but I go out of my way to support local buisnesses for food, equipment and anything else I need. I go out of my way to encourage friends and co workers to enjoy this magical place instead of taking the family to Disney or the larger lakes to go jet sking. I donate money on my tax return to support the area too. I think there are mant people like me out there and sure, there are the clods with that play load music, litter, and definitly do not leave the place better than they found it, but they are not the majority - not even in the public campgrounds. If I could vote in NY you bet I would vote for more money to buy land and support what we have. So, I think sharing is good and the more people who visit, the more people who will support maintaining and expanding it. Just my .02
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