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Bob K, I've seen Fish Creek pretty nuts at times, but never Rollins. Maybe I've just hit it at a time with few boaters. But I've been there pretty often and have never been offended by them. I suspect the hp limit would preclude most water skiing, tubing, and stuff like that. I've not seen a jet ski on it.

madison, you say motor boat users are selfish. Here is a water where small motors are allowed currently, but you seem to want to take this privilege away from them because you prefer a paddle over a motorboat. Excuse me, but who is selfish one? BTW, I can't say that I've ever heard anyone say motors should be allowed on paddle-only waters. Never

Hard scrabble, I've never seen a "big" boat on Rollins. Maybe most are already running 10 hp or less. Don't know. But yes, modern 4 strokes are very quiet and much cleaner that the older 2 strokes.

dundee, You are lucky. There are lots of my older friends that can barely sit in a big boat with lots of room to move, let alone get in or out of or sit in a canoe. We aren't talking about someplace in the middle of nowhere. You drive up to your campsite and are 10 feet from a paved access drive that leads you to comfort stations, showers, volleyball courts, etc. Rip out the roads and all the attendant features and make it so people have to hike in. That'll help to get it a little wilder for you.
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