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Originally Posted by hikingandwildex View Post
URL=""]This trail[/URL] in West Virginia is another one that was much easier than I expected it to be based on the reviews online. I also wasn't surprised that one of the only people who thought otherwise (and wrote "Relatively easy trail compared to other trails labeled as hard on All Trails") primarily hikes in the Adirondacks.
Have you done the full North Fork Mountain traverse? It's a route that I'd like to do at some point. I've hiked half of it- lead it as a day hike with a Syracuse University Outing Club group during the Outing Club's annual spring break trip to WV. We started at Seneca Rocks, climbed to the summit of the rocks from the visitor's center, then followed a pipeline from there up to the ridge, turned south, and hiked along the ridgeline to the southern terminus at US 33.

The full traverse is also frequently touted as a particularly "challenging" backpacking trip but honestly, once you are up on the ridge it's mostly a pleasant stroll by ADK High Peaks standards- ups and downs to be sure but easy hiking most of the way through with non-stop views for relatively little effort along the way. I think the real challenge is carrying enough water- at 25 miles in length, it's more than most can do as a day hike (even in the easier south to north, all-downhill-direction) an water availability is limited- so it does demand some careful logistical planning.

If you have a sharp eye, not far from the south end of the trail you can spot a memorial marking the spot where a 4 year old child was lost and succumbed to the elements in 1891.
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