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Originally Posted by billconner View Post
Not particularly backpacker friendly but I was amazed that many coolers are IGBC approved. I've always hung while canoeing and have not backpacked in areas where bears are an issue.
I think the Yeti was the first cooler type container to pass the iGBC certifiication, but only if you lock it down with padlocks or bolts in the corners. The sales video of a Griz trying to open one was instructive and funny. When I needed to find certified containers as required in the first Yukon 1000 mile canoe race in 2009, I needed something to hold the then race mandatory required 20Kg (44 pounds!) of food per person. That's a a lot of weight and volume to store in the 7 person voyageur canoe that we were racing (a ridiculous overkill amount for what would be our 6 day race). After extensive research, a large certified Yeti cooler was the only viable solution I could find at the time.
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