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I would definitely recommend hitting some more of the southern Finger Lakes falls. Some of those you posted I've never heard of and look quite nice though.

Grimes Glen, Parish and Clarks Gully are all good (but extremely popular these days) and in western FLR.


This one is close to those others and is smaller, and less known:

It's off of the Bristol Hills Finger lakes trail about half mile from a lean to called "Outback Inn".

All of these are pretty extensive hikes if you want them to be with a number of waterfalls each. Each "gully" will have a number of primary or side tributary falls depending on how much of it you want to explore.

Parish is a few miles long and if you start at the lowest elevation there you can walk along the creek or up on the rim. A couple spots its fairly easy to go between the two, other spots, it's a bit sketchy. Same for Clarks.

Another lesser known one near Naples is called Tannery Creek. I won't explain how to get there, because I'm not sure it's legal (might be private property) but it's not impossible to find, and I'm sure not too hard to figure out if it's legal to hike anymore.

Also in that region I can think of a number of other small falls in seasonal drainage gullies leading to the lakes that are on public land. There are trails near some, others require some gully whacking. Pretty much locate the gullies on a map and I bet there will be a falls along it somewhere.

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