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Originally Posted by hikingandwildex View Post
Wow, that must have dried up fast. Hopefully there will be enough water going over Triphammer Falls, Wells Falls, Cascadilla Falls, and others when I travel out to Ithaca in a week or two.

Looking at Facebook posts of Western New York waterfalls, there has been a similar reduction in water here -- and this week's dry weather certainly won't help any. The waterfall I'm planning to visit this weekend is considered seasonal as well. At least there are other interesting natural features in the park I'll be visiting, so all won't be lost if water levels there are low or nonexistent.
Yeah, I don't think this particular tributary has any real head to it. I bet it flows wildly when it does rain, and it's probably pretty dry the rest of the time.

I really don't know the hydrology of the ones in Ithaca, but I seem to recall them flowing well when I lived there. I'm sure in summers where we see a drought they do get thin though.

That tall side flow fall in Conklin is very seasonal. It's usually not doing much in the summer except after a thundershower. Probably the best time to see that is in spring, but winter is usually good because it ices up (per the pic). It does build up enough ice to be climb-able at times and I know people have done it.
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