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There is only one legal shelter near Hi Tor, and it's on private land. The ones that are in Hi Tor are reserved for special groups only.

Anyone, the one that used to be open is called Fraley's Lean To. I haven't been up there in years but it's a stick frame building with astroturf. Not my favorite lean to, but it works.

I'd recommend hiking up to Outback Inn which a little way up Italy Valley Road away from Hi Tor. I'd say if you want a scenic trip hike up from Costanza's farm down in the valley - it's a bit of a climb but the grade is consistent. That crosses many intermittent drainages that may be flowing good if it rains. You could then explore the larger drainage past the lean to as well. Just hike up until you cross the next stream from the lean to and find your way down, eventually it'll open up into a really steep drop and a big mud slide and a series of small falls.

I'm really surprised by that Taughannock comp, I've never seen it that dry!
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