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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
That looks like the opposite side of the valley (at the so-called jump off). So where that trail continues on the South side of the valley should take you up to the Lean To.

That trail is really cool in the older, private section which traverses a gully, but I think FLT lost the rights to it and it's a road section now. Again, I haven't done some of these hikes in years...

If you go to the FLT website and look at the interactive map for the Bristol Hills Branch it will show all the legal sites, and that Outback Inn. I think you'll be able to easily see the trail I'm talking about. It's about 2 miles or so one way up from the valley to the lean to. The creek is about another 1/4-1/3 mile before the trail crosses it.
I pulled up the FLT's interactive map page to get a better look at the area. I see a camping icon at 42.6417, -77.2587 that's labeled Outback Inn LeanTo. That's actually where I was thinking of staying the night before my recent hike, but ended up making an early-morning drive from WNY instead.

That hike from Italy Valley Road to West Italy Hill is a new BHT section that replaced the old one. Pretty nice trail until you reach the top of the ridge at Wood Hill Road. Then it's all road walking with only a short spur trail leading to a grassy overlook spot. The landowner posted signs instructing hikers to turn around at the viewpoint. One hiker wrote snippy remarks back to the landowner on each of the signs, lmao.

Water levels were low in that section when I went. Here's a pic I took at a fairly benign crossing...

I'll have to check out the other side of Italy Valley Road sometime.

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