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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
In the topo you can see that gully directly to the east and north of the Lean To site. It's pretty easy whacking around there and there are some herd paths, but be careful, the west side gets steep real quick.

IIRC there is an old fire road that runs down the west side of the gully that takes you all the way to the end of the public land. It starts up near the lean to actually and you can follow that down and hike back up the creek.
That gully looks promising on the map. Right near the shelter too. Just added it to my ever-growing hiking wishlist, on the same line as the Conklin and Clark gullies. That would definitely make for an adventurous day or two...

Also just checking the map, the "Fraley" lean to is still shown but with no name.

It's at:

Location: 42.6034, -77.3816 or N42 36.2022 W77 22.8958
Thanks. Always good to have more options since those lean-tos in the WMA are off-limits.
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