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Originally Posted by Lonehiker View Post
I climbed Tuscarora, it's very dangerous, still limited view. Sometimes I climb unrehabilitated towers and sometimes I don't depending on my condition. If a sign says don't do it I won't. Missing stairs, rotted boards, will not inhibit me. I used to climb spruce trees in dangerous situations as a kid all the time. I did it in the winter. My father's last name matches a former fire tower observer at Goodnow. I never met my father to confirm a link, but I have been wondering if this is in my blood.

I did the same thing on Alma Hill. I saw the owner and his family at their house. I was too shy to stop at their house to ask that time.

Hartzfelt Hill is another former site south of Olean. There is a dirt road leading up to it. I tried it but ran into a person, probably the owner, with lumber on the road. I turned around and left the area There was no posted signs. A small parcel of state land still exists the last I knew.

I have been to the Irvine foundation and I have been in the woods of Science Hill looking for it's foundation. They are not the only ones. I have a list of 10 sites for Cattaraugus county, 4 of which stand. I also have heard of a 11th one with a question mark. Communities would just erect towers without the state. News articles are occasionally dug up about them and posted on various web sites. Occasionally us researchers come across them. There is a place in Nassau County where an article states a local person funded the building of a tower to watch for fires. What happened to it I don't know. Then there is a lead into 11 more built in NYC, it just goes on and on. Frances Seaman wrote about one on Albany Mountain. There is one standing tower in the Hudson Highlands near Storm King and no author on the towers has ever covered it or given note. One site mentions it, but gives completely wrong coordinates. The list of towers seems never complete.

The great authors Paul Lasky, Bill Starr, Marty Podskoch never got them all. Bill Starr's list gets upgraded though. If you look at the plaque in the Elizabethtown Historical Center you will see Mount Morris is missing in the list. It's not because it was out of region either. I have photo proof unless they upgraded it in the last 10 years. I said something, but I was a 20 something year old coming out of nowhere questioning it

The site of the Ellicottville Tower is funded by the public and it's the Irvine/Science Hill tower. See if you can find it. It was mentioned in what was Paul T Hartman's website. I think there was a merger of his data. It comes up when Googled because it's becoming more known.

The core of my info is imprinted in my head from 2010. So much has changed since then. Another backyard tower springs up, another article uncovered, another information center restores a former tower. Bramley is expected to be brought back and restored I think on it's site!!!
Re-posting my response to the above message since I accidentally edited over it. I think the heat and humidity are getting to me!

I'm sure you're familiar with the Eastern Forest Lookouts site that lists existing and former towers, along with news snippets from a century ago in some cases. I'm guessing the ten Catt Co. sites listed there are the same that you know about...

Mount Morris, assuming it's the same one you referred to, is on my wishlist of more obscure ADK peaks. Someone posted a summit photo on Peakbagger's website and it looks worth checking out. The satellite view of the mountain also looks intriguing.

This website may have pointed me in the right direction for that Ellicottville firetower. Currently searching the Google Maps satellite view around the school they mentioned.

Sorry about the re-post...
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